What would you say if we called to tell you that you can close these needed positions in 2 weeks?
With our unique solutions and recruiting process that has proven itself on many projects worldwide.

Boost your company's sales through strategic recruitment.

We are the ideal partner to modernize and leverage your sales process through strategic recruitment, freeing up HR's time to validate cultural fit and focus on other complex business demands.

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How do we make the perfect match between
talent and your job vacancy?


By conducting a diagnosis of your business strategy, structure, and sales model, as well as your company's culture, we map out the hard skills, soft skills, cultural fit, and experience required for success in the position.


We can recognize sales talent from afar. Through the combination of our methodology, experience, market relationships, a team of experts, and our proprietary technology, we identify the right talents for your company with total agility.


Through structured and highly meaningful interviews, we delve into, assess, and validate all the criteria for success in the new challenge.


With the candidates' dossier in hand, we schedule the interviews, and your job is to select the new talent and present the offer.

Completely hands-off for you

We handle international payments, benefits, commissions, sales training, performance monitoring and much more.

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How long will it take to get my virtual staff?

Every client’s needs are different, but we strive on placing the perfect virtual sales staff for you within 5 business days.

Where will my virtual staff be located?

We recruit, train and place your staff from various countries including the Philippines, Nicaragua and more. We know the most elite sales talent is not in any one location so we don’t let that constrain our sourcing.

Will I have a dedicated account manager?

You most definitely will. Every client has a dedicated customer success manager who is the direct point of contact for anything needed.

Is my virtual staff dedicated to my business?

All of our full-time virtual staff that we place are 100% completely dedicated to one business.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes – we offer a referral program for all clients. For every referral that a client brings us, we knock 50% off  next month’s bill for one virtual agent (no cap).

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